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Skripsi oh Skripsi


All students get duty the end of which is called a thesis must be the responsibility of a student to finish his thesis. Although difficult but to be solved by calm. 

The struggle to meet with supervising lecturer who always busy with his duty and had criticisms which would make you giddy but it to your progress. 

Struggle to obtain data, material a thesis, make angry same security guards its, looking for at various places with, sunshine to fight for obtain material for a thesis, but that ' s interesting, you will be a lot to learn to exercise restraint, the experience of interacting, and the lot of another her. 

I have got experience in the writing of scientific almost equal to a thesis this, but the writing was the writing regular, new scientific and very challenging if you can finish completely this thesis. 

I hope i can finish a thesis with nice and exact time. Amen. please support and prayer his yes ... thank you.

Netherland defeated

Wesley Sneijder has issued an apology to Netherlands fans after his side slumped to a 2-1 loss to Germany in their second Euro 2012 game.

Bert van Marwijk's men sit bottom of Group B, having also lost their opening game to Denmark, and the Inter playmaker said the Dutch were their own worst enemies against Germany.

"I do apologise to everyone for everything," he told De Telegraaf. "This is very hard. We didn't see this coming. There is a real sense that we let the Germans win."

However, Sneijder insisted his team-mates were focused on securing progression to the next round, which a two-goal victory over Portugal would achieve, assuming Germany beat Denmark.

"It was hard," he said. "We have now lost twice, but we still have a chance. We need to keep believing in it.

"I actually thought we were out. I hadn't thought much about the scenario as it stands. I realise that if we beat Portugal, we still have a chance. We need to go for it."

My opinion sneidjer should be asking so sorry about his defeat in euro 2012. But i think the game of dutch quite good but his opponent is very good.
Let ' s go netherland we can make it. Keep spirits

the news from soccerway.com


softskill The importance of soft skill in Gunadarma University helps students to work with the text can be read by everyone. Students who excel in the field of soft skill can socialize with the community at large.

The ability of human beings is actually divided into two hardskill and softskill. 
hardskill is the human ability to learn in general or what we call intelligence, while soft skill is the ability of humans to organize as public speaking, set up an organization and others.

Lately, most people are too busy increasing their hardskill soft skill so they are less trained. And they have difficulties when entering the workforce, because the world of work is more necessary than hardskill soft skill.
Therefore should we train our soft skill early on, because the soft skill is one of the factors that determine a person's success in the future.
Here are some of the benefits of soft skill that I know of:
1. can be independent
2. soft skill to build character
3. build a quality of personality
4. foster self-confidence
5. foster sensitivity and insight into the thinking of our personality

So in my opinion can shape the personality and soft skill soft skill is also a barometer of a person in work and then all students must update they writing and posting the web.
it is important.

the source of google, articles, and my opinion

Test of English as a Foreign Language


The Test of English as a Foreign Language or TOEFL Is a test the ability to speak english required to register incoming to a university or apply for the job into the company of a very high quality.
Test results toefl is also applied as a consideration about ability english of prospective student or employee candidates.

Usually this test takes about three hours and held in four parts, namely parts:
§                    listening,
§                    grammar structure and written expression,
§                    reading comprehension, and
§                    writing.

Value test scores toefl range between: 310 ( value minimum ) to 677 ( value maximum ) to version PBT ( paper-based test )
In areas where the internet-based test is not available, a paper-based test (PBT) is given. Test takers must register in advance either online or by using the registration form provided in the Supplemental Paper TOEFL Bulletin. They should register in advance of the given deadlines to ensure a place because the test centers have limited seating and may fill up early. Tests are administered on fixed dates 6 times each year.
The test is 3 hours long and all test sections can be taken on the same day. Students can take the test as many times as they wish. However, colleges and universities usually consider only the most recent score.
1.     Listening (30 – 40 minutes)
The Listening section consists of 3 parts. The first one contains 30 questions about short conversations. The second part has 8 questions about longer conversations. The last part asks 12 questions about lectures or talks.
2.     Structure and Written Expression (25 minutes)
The Structure and Written Expression section has 15 exercises of completing sentences correctly and 25 exercises of identifying errors.
3.     Reading Comprehension (55 minutes)
The Reading Comprehension section has 50 questions about reading passages.
4.     Writing (30 minutes)
The Writing section is one essay with 250–300 words in average.

Toefl generally used for the purpose of work, raise in rank or duty work. Many companies set up a standard english with saw the value of its empolyees toefl her. Generally, the value of toefl at least are 500 to the promotion of standard

Kamis, 31 Mei 2012

Factory output in Japan weaker than expected in April

Japan's factory output was weaker than expected in April because of slower demand for electronics goods, especially in China.

Output was 0.2% higher in April from March, the Trade and Industry Ministry said. Analysts had forecast a figure of 0.5%.
The ministry said it expects output to fall in May, before rebounding in June.
Analysts cited China's slowdown and a rising yen for the expected fall.
"Growth was weaker than expected, reflecting sluggish demand for IT-related goods worldwide, particularly in China," said Tokyo-based economist Takeshi Minami, of Norinchukin Research Institute.
"The forecast for May is worrisome, as that would mean production would fall to levels seen last summer, and the expected rebound in June is also week," Mr Minami said.
Industries that contributed to the slight rise in output included transport, chemicals and electrical machinery.
As Japan continues to recover from a devastating earthquake and tsunami last year, the ministry said industrial production continued to improve.
However, demand from China would be the determining factor for continued growth, said economist Junko Nishioka, of RBS Securities.
"The yen is strengthening but that doesn't immediately change the outlook for Japanese output," Mr Nishioka said.
"More crucial is final demand in China, as Asia-bound exports have yet to show signs of picking up."
from bbc news

Dubes Jepang Tantang Mobil EsEmKa diproduksi massal & Diekspor ke Jepang!

Duta Besar Jepang Tantang Mobil Esemka Diproduksi Massal

Duta Besar Jepang untuk Indonesia Yoshinori Katori benar-benar penasaran dengan mobil Esemka. Mobil rakitan siswa sekolah menengah kejuruan di Surakarta tersebut membuatnya rela meluangkan waktu untuk datang ke Surakarta.

Dia bahkan menantang agar Esemka segera diproduksi massal dan bisa dijual hingga ke mancanegara. »Kapan diekspor ke Jepang?” kata Yoshinori Katorinya, Jumat, 11 Mei 2012 pagi tadi.

Pagi ini saat berkunjung ke Solo Techno Park, tempat para siswa SMK merakit mobil-mobil Esemka seperti jenis sport utility vehicle (SUV) dan pick up, Yoshinori hanya didampingi salah seorang stafnya.

Begitu tiba di Solo Techno Park, dia langsung mencoba Esemka SUV warna hitam. Masuk ke ruang kemudi, mesin dinyalakan. Menurut dia, suara mesin Esemka halus. »Waktu duduk, nyaman sekali,” dia memuji.

Dia juga memuji setir Esemka yang dianggapnya membuat Esemka semakin nyaman dikendarai. Namun dia mengaku tidak tahu apa beda antara mobil buatan Jepang dan Esemka yang hasil rakitan siswa SMK di Solo.

Setelah mencoba, dia berkeliling ke lokasi perakitan mobil. Dia memuji anak-anak muda di Solo dan Indonesia yang tertarik mendalami permesinan. »Dengan memiliki fasilitas dan sistem pelatihan seperti ini, menunjukkan anak muda di Solo dan Indonesia punya industri yang penting di dalam negeri,” katanya.

Dia bahkan menantang agar Esemka segera diproduksi massal dan bisa dijual hingga ke mancanegara. »Kapan diekspor ke Jepang?” katanya.

Dia berharap kegiatan di atas terus dikembangkan. Anak-anak muda di Indonesia diminta untuk terus berusaha keras mendalami dan memahami teknik otomotif. »Sehingga bisa berkontribusi untuk negara,” ujarnya.

Direktur Pelayanan dan Pengembangan Solo Techno Park Gampang Sarwono mengatakan saat ini Esemka sedang dalam tahap akhir persiapan uji emisi. Dia menyebut teknisi sedang membenahi performa mesin.

»Dari uji emisi mandiri terakhir, diketahui bahwa untuk emisi sudah berkurang. Tapi tenaganya juga ikut berkurang,” dia menerangkan.

Untuk itu, tim sedang mengganti saluran gas buang dan menggeser lokasi inverter mendekat ke mesin agar bisa bekerja lebih maksimal. »Minggu depan perbaikan selesai dan kembali uji emisi mandiri. Jika sukses, siap uji emisi ulang di Jakarta,” katanya.

from uniknih.com

my opinion :Hopefully its true sincere compliment and not just sweet in the mouth only. People just amaze with Japan-made children's Affairs,keep going essemka make proud of the republic of indonesia

Torres staying at Chelsea

Fernando Torres has distanced himself from previous comments and pledged his future to Chelsea after meeting with the club's board.
The 28-year-old Spanish striker threatened to quit Chelsea after the club's victory on penalties in the Champions League final on May 19.
After missing out completely on Chelsea's FA Cup triumph, Torres was only a substitute in Munich and was denied his wish to take a penalty in the deciding shoot-out.
But now Torres has played down his previous comments and has vowed to stay at the London-based club.
"I've already had a conversation with Chelsea's board," Torres said.
"I only needed to know that they have the same trust in me that they had at the beginning.
"It has been a difficult year.
"I needed to know if they still expect from me what they did when they signed me.
"They trust in me and that's just what I needed to keep on fighting in order to become an essential player for the team."
Speaking during Spain's preparations for Euro 2012, Torres claimed his omission from the national squad in February was a huge disappointment.
The striker has claimed that it inspired his improvement in the latter part of last season.
"I started to understand that things were serious, that I wasn't getting much playing time with my club and that if things carried on that way I wouldn't be going to Euro 2012," Torres said.
Now Torres hopes to prove Spain's head coach Vicente Del Bosque right for selecting him again.
"Vicente has put his faith in me and now I need to show him I am ready to play whenever he thinks it necessary," Torres said.
"I hope to be able to give the team the best of me.
"When you see yourself missing out and then you are selected you are more excited even than the first day.
"I have arrived feeling fresh because I haven't had the same physical burden as the others and I am in good shape."

from soccerway